Looking for a deeper way to connect with your customers and prospects?

15765915_sThink custom publications…

Create an upscale magazine to support your brand while driving interest and sales

Custom publications are unique because YOU control all the content. You are not subject to a magazine’s editorial guidelines, won’t see your competitor’s ad when you flip the page and can produce custom publications according to your standards, your budget and your timetable.

Best of all, you will be in front of your target audience on a regular basis for lengthy periods.

For example, one magazine reported at least 85% of readers spend more than 30 minutes with each issue and pass the magazine along to two or three others.

7 reasons why marketers create custom publications:

  • Buying behavior has changed and will never go back to mass marketing
  • Targeted content delivers value and enhances brand awareness and engagement
  • You can communicate with your customers on a personal level, build loyalty and increase retention (critical in today’s environment)
  • This level of engagement instills a much higher level of trust = key to success
  • As a trusted content provider you will be positioned for sales and profit growth
  • Custom publications deliver measurable results

What kind of results?

According to Direct Marketing News, April, 2009, over 80% of customers who receive Lexus, a quarterly magazine, say they feel more valued and 15% report actually having bought a vehicle as a result of reading the publication.

Plus, at least 85% of Lexus readers spend more than 30 minutes with each issue and pass the magazine along to two or three others.

In addition to these obvious benefits, marketers perform reader surveys to gather customer data. For example, readers are directed to a site for more information about Lexus products – there are reportedly a “fair amount” of click-throughs from online magazine stories to the product site.

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