Advertorials Are Making A Comeback

14637456_sI was listening to Joe Connolly on WCBS radio, sipping my morning Joe one recent morning, when I heard him mention advertorials are growing—fast. For those of you who are unclear exactly what an advertorial is, my personal definition is: advertorials are long-form ads masquerading as articles.

Sometimes advertorials are known as sponsorship ads or native ads.

According to a Pew Research report, The State of the News Media 2013, the category’s growth is second only to video, rising 38.9% to 1.56 billion, which followed a jump of 56.1% in 2011.

Watchdogs have come down against advertorials since readers may not realize they are paid ads and may confuse them with articles or news stories. This is an issue because articles that appear in media such as magazines or newspapers, whether print or digital, are perceived as more credible than ads. Since my allegiance is on the side of marketers, I want to point out that because advertorials resemble articles, advertorials can be a marketer’s best friend.

Plenty of “real estate” to tell your story

Unlike space ads where you are challenged to get your message across in as few words as possible, advertorials offer you the luxury of room to go into detail. Think of advertorials as a walk-in closet versus a cubby. If you have a good story to tell, this is your chance to draw your reader in and regale him or her with your brand magic.

But you must have a good story to tell!

Take for example, an advertorial I wrote for a hair products company which bought ad space in a trade publication aimed at salon owners. Rather than simply talking about the virtues of the product, in this example, it’s the history of the product that’s intriguing.

Take a look at how I weave this story and draw in the reader (salon owner):

Spray or shake on – thinning hair is gone!

Who would have thought the techniques of a vintage Hollywood makeup artist would inspire a breakthrough product for thinning hair?

Back in the 1950s, movie stars with thinning hair presented a significant challenge to Hollywood makeup artists. Neither wigs nor hairpieces could provide the natural appearance demanded by Technicolor films, with their extreme close-ups.

Legendary hair artist saves the day!

Ron Wall of MGM studios devised a daring approach that left the stars looking years younger. Before each shoot, Wall trimmed the hair of his Hollywood clients, painstakingly splitting each hair into smaller hair fibers and placed these hairs throughout the star’s thinning areas. A special holding spray secured the effect.

Enter XFusion: Wall’s “MO” achieved in 30 seconds

Inspired by Wall, Mark Kress founded a hair sciences company 25 years ago called XFusion.

Kress devoted years of research to translate this concept into a single product that could achieve the same result (which took several hours) in 30 seconds. Enter XFusion Keratin Hair Fibers, a new complex of organic protein fibers that undetectably blend with thinning hair. Not a cream or cover-up, XFusion is so scientifically advanced that it is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before!

Safe, natural, and easy to use…

XFusion’s tiny, natural fibers (made from the same keratin protein as human hair) attach to thinning hair with static electricity, bonding so securely, XFusion stays in place all day and night, through wind, rain and virtually any activity.

Totally undetectable, even from as close as two inches, XFusion adds natural-looking thickness and fullness but washes out easily with any shampoo. It cannot stain, run or harm clothing or skin and is completely natural, colorfast and non-toxic. XFusion comes in black, dark brown, medium brown, light brown, blonde, white, grey and auburn. It is sold exclusively in professional salons, day spas and medical spas.

Enhance your salon’s “magic” and melt the years away…FAST

Shake gently over thinning areas and within 30 seconds, thousands of tiny color-matched hair fibers intertwine with your client’s hair to instantly build density, help clients look years younger and improve their appearance:

  1. Make thinning or balding areas disappear
  2. Hide the scalp when adding hair extensions
  3. Create that big hair look for a client who has fine or thinning hair

The advertorial goes on for several more paragraphs, discussing instant results, compatibility with various drugs, how to achieve a natural look at the hairline, and ending with the offer of a free sample.

What’s your story?

Even if your product’s back story is ho-hum, you can create an advertorial with a focus on anything from how your product will make your reader’s life better to why a celebrity spokesperson LOVES your product. But you must find an interesting hook so you can reel in your readers as you rack up sales!

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