Some Food Taglines That Are My Personal Favorites

10817496_sAd agencies often look to experienced outside copywriters to come up with fresh ideas at the 11th hour for headlines and taglines to complete a promotion for a major consumer brand.

In my experience, the category where assistance is needed most often is overwhelmingly food and beverages. I’ve worked with several agencies and helped each one with multiple projects and inevitably, the category is food!

So if you are looking for a copywriter who has developed food headlines or food taglines for everything from Jello to pie filling, and drinks from water to wine, you’ve come to the right place!

Coming up with food taglines

The process usually involves the agency sending visuals of an upcoming promotion, whether it is an ad, in-store display or hang tag and a creative brief. Tight deadlines are the rule—a one day turn-around is the norm.

More than that is a definite luxury.

I typically do a half-day brainstorm and price these projects affordably since I enjoy them so much and want to become the go-to resource you can rely on.

Here’s a sample half-day Brainstorm which includes a full page of ideas for combining Hellmann’s with chicken. Sometimes I indicate my first choice, as I did with the parentheses on Hellmann’s makes it flavor-iffic:

Incredibly Easy, Unmistakably Hellmann’s Brainstorm

  • Heap on the Hellmann’s
  • Make dinner a happening!
  • Hearty dinners start with Hellmann’s
  • Handy work, Hellmann’s!
  • Head for the Hellmaan’s…
  • Home, hearth and Hellmann’s
  • Hellmann’s rnakes chicken heavenly!
  • Make chicken heavenly…
  • Hellmann’s, the flavor heightener
  • Hep cooks choose Hellmann’s
  • Flyin’ high with Hellmann’s
  • Highly sophisticated Hellmann’s!
  • Highly flavorful, Hellmann’s !
  • Homemade starts with Hellmann’s!
  • The hottest new add-in…
  • How to do dinner right
  • From humdrum to humdinger!
  • Hellmann’s makes it happen!
  • Your tastebuds will go ballistic
  • Make Hellmann’s your secret weapon!
  • Simple…and simply delicious
  • Dinner’s simple…and simply delicious!
  • Turn bland into bravo…
  • Turn dull into delicious
  • From bland to grand in a sec!
  • Turn bland into bold
  • Beat the dinner blues
  • Bake on the flavor
  • Dab on the Hellmann’s, turn up the taste!
  • Doin’ dinner right!
  • Decked out for dinner
  • Dinner’s undeniably delish!
  • Each bite is a flavor explosion
  • Hellmann’s makes dinner flavor-iffic!
  • Hellmann’s makes it flavor-iffic! (my fave)
  • The palate-pleaser
  • Velvet chicken, the Hellmann’s way!

If you want just a few ideas rather than a boatload, I also offer a Mini-Brainstorm. Here’s one I did for Birdseye, which was specific to a holiday promotion an agency was working on:

Birds Eye Mini-Brainstorm

  • When you want to be sure, look to Birds Eye
  • When it comes to holiday goodness, count on Birds Eye
  • When it comes to holiday goodness, you can rely on Birds Eye
  • Bring out your holiday best. Bring out Birds Eye.
  • Look to Birds Eye for holiday goodness you can count on.
  • Let the goodness of Birds Eye flavor your holidays
  • Let the goodness of Birds Eye add taste-appeal to your holidays
  • Let the goodness of Birds Eye beckon your taste buds this holiday
  • Let the goodness of Birds Eye make your holidays more delicious
  • Make the holidays (and every day) a little bit better with Birds Eye
  • Make the holidays (and every day) a little bit tastier with Birds Eye
  • Make the holidays (and every day) more delicious with Birds Eye
  • Look to Birds Eye to enjoy nature’s bounty this holiday…and every day

So if you are running out of ideas and deadlines are looming around the corner, I can come up with that winning food headline or tagline (or any other product category, for that matter) to make you look good in the eyes of your client.

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