Touch On Emotions When Marketing Pet Products

11871104_sHave you tuned into any conversations at restaurants, coffee shops or other gathering places?

I’ve noticed that people LOVE talking about their pets.

This could be because they are seen as family members, are lovable, huggable and often engage in amusing antics everyone can relate to. Quite obviously, pet owners have a soft spot when it come to their four-legged friends, so go for that emotional hot button when marketing to this segment.

Pet product marketing case study

Take FetchDog, a catalog company with high end gear for dogs whose products resonate with dog owners.

FetchDog hired me for projects from space ads in magazines promoting their anti-bloat bowls to a series of direct mail and email letters for a partner company, HomeAgain. HomeAgain’s pet recovery service reunites lost pets with their owners. In fact, they state they have reunited 1,000,000 pets with their families.

As an expert in membership marketing, I was brought on to create messaging to incent dog owners who bought enhanced protection to renew their HomeAgain subscriptions:

Time to Renew Fido’s HomeAgain membership

Dear Name-

What if Fido went missing? 90% of lost pets never return home…

That’s why you subscribed to HomeAgain, with our national network of 20,000+ veterinarians and animal shelters and 200,000 volunteer PetRescuers who are standing by should Fido ever get lost.

Now it’s time to renew Fido’s HomeAgain membership. Renew Fido’s benefits now

You took the first step in protecting Fido when your veterinarian imbedded a tiny microchip under the skin which serves as a permanent and unique ID. This microchip provides basic protection should your pet become lost. Renew Fido’s HomeAgain membership and continue to enjoy complete, full-fledged protection that safeguards Fido so many ways:

  • Rapid Lost Pet alerts notify veterinarians, animal shelters, PetRescuers within a 25-mile radius to be on the lookout for Fido
  • Customized Lost Pet Poster can be printed out and posted locally
  • Life-saving guidance for pet medical emergencies far from home or after hours provided by ASPCA veterinarians ($60 value – yours free)
  • Lost Pet Specialists on standby round the clock, guide you through the emotional process of finding Fido
  • Medical insurance for lost pets covers Fido for up to $3000 less a $50 deductible for injuries incurred while lost (call to activate in advance)
  • Travel insurance for lost pets

It’s a sad fact – one in 3 pets will get lost. Getting lost is the #1 cause of death for pets in the United States. …

When I was tasked with creating a direct mail package for SmartPak to incent horse owners who jump their horses competitively to buy supplements, I appealed to the owner’s desire to give their horse the right products conveniently and inexpensively.

Then I buoyed their confidence with a vet sharing insider information:

I personally had a hand in developing the SmartSupplement line, which features over 30 products utilizing only the highest quality ingredients.

We developed these formulas by bringing together the latest science and research with hundreds of thousands of conversations we’ve had with riders just like you.  The result:  innovative and comprehensive formulas that solve real world problems.

The factory direct pricing on SmartSupplements will save you money, and these focused formulas can be used together without fear of over-supplementation. Why spend more than you have to? Try SmartSupplements today!


Dr. Lydia Gray

SmartPak Equine Medical Director and Staff Veterinarian

P.S. Call 1-888-649-0711 to start your horse on SmartSupplements and get the SmartStart GiftPak (tote and hat) FREE, plus Free Shipping on your first order!

P.P.S. Here’s what’s in my Trakehner Newman’s SmartPak: SmartTendonTM (for his pulled suspensory), SmartFlex IIITM (for his joints)

Or take the fundraising package I created for Friends of Animals where I appealed to the emotions of animal lovers to donate in support of sick, starving and wounded animals:


As you can see, the emotions touched on range from fear with HomeAgain to the desire to relieve pain and suffering (which releases emotional tension) with Friends of Animals.

What emotional hot buttons can you press to connect with your audience?

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