How to Get On Your Customer’s Wavelength

2680502_sDo you know what your customers are thinking?

Do you know their pain points—what keeps them up at night? How about their likes and dislikes?

Once you know the key issues that matter most to your customers concerning your product or service, and you can DELIVER on their must-haves.

That gives you the opportunity to:

  • Get on their A-list
  • Begin to win their loyalty
  • Attempt to own a bigger share of their wallet

A customer may be doing business with you, but they may also be doing business with one or more of your competitors.

If you would like to “own” more of the customer and edge out your competitors, there are things you can do to up the chances your company will come out on top.

Gather market data about your customers

There is a lot you can find out about your customers’ wants and desires both by asking directly through surveys, focus groups and other feedback mechanisms as well as mining data from secondary sources.

By becoming a customer-focused company and delving into customer attitudes, preferences and aspirations your will acquire the necessary “ammunition” to become a better marketer.

Speak to different groups of customers differently

Your customers are not monolithic. So be careful about addressing them the same way or offering the same enticements across the board to motivate customers to buy from you.

As you gather market data about your customers, use that data to segment your market and address different groups of customers by varying your offer and emphasis.

Imagine you are selling water filtration pitchers. Jayden has filtered water through her refrigerator, but might be interested in buying your pitcher as a gift for her sister. Rob’s concern is whether you offer free shipping Olivia wants to know if your pitcher comes in stainless steel. Jessica is only interested if you are offering deep discounts.

With the right market data, you can approach Jayden, Rob, Sue and Olivia individually so that you address their requirements and motivate them to say yes to buying your water pitcher.

Tell them. Then tell them again and again

Your customers need to hear from you on a regular basis, so you don’t slip off or fly under the radar screen.

There is no one correct frequency — this varies based on individual preferences. You can try various frequencies and monitor results until you find the sweet spot where you get the best response and fewest opt-outs. Or survey your customers and send promotions according to each customer’s timetable.

Once you stay in front of your customers on a regular basis with marketing messages tailored to their individual requirements, your marketing efforts will improve exponentially.

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