Are You Starting a Business Blog?

5882017_sHere’s how to break away from the pack…

Are you finally getting ready to start company blog? Worried that your content may be buried in cyberspace… never to be seen by your prospects and customers?

Take heart!

While the blogosphere is brimming with communiques on every subject, there are ways you can make yours stand out. And actually put your company on the map.

Five tips to get your blog off the ground

With this in mind here are 5 tips to help you get the ball rolling, and to help you make a blog that gets found, and generates results…

1. Make your blog unlike anything else out there

Because blogs are easy to set up, usually at no cost or little cost, competition is fierce to grab reader’s attention. That means you must write your blog in a conversational way that is easy and perhaps even fun to read.

The key is to present unique content that is not available from any other source. Reveal trends, statistics and facts no one else is aware of. Share industry secrets.

You might even consider being humorous or snarky if you can pull it off and your business lends itself to a light treatment.

2. Take a stand

This is your opportunity to stake out a position and defend it. If your subject matter is controversial, you will attract readers and maybe  the media.

This could bring a lot of attention to your company…perhaps even catapult you into the limelight.

3. Tell them something NEW

The word new is a powerful word, because people always want to know what’s new, and want to be up on the latest.

If you have something news-worthy to share, why not broadcast the news from your blog? If you do this regularly, you will likely attract followers who want to stay abreast of what’s new in your industry. You could become the reliable source for that kind of topical, hot-off-the-presses information.

4. Give your opinion

Think of your blog as an editorial. Even if you don’t have anything especially controversial to discuss, you can still use your blog as a forum to express your opinion on a topic you and your readers care about. You could invite readers’ comments, making your blog interactive.

A blog that is interactive can serve as a vehicle to get inside the hearts and minds of your prospects and customers. This may be invaluable in helping you shape your business going forward and becoming more responsive to customer desires.

5. Toot your own horn

Although your blog should be customer-focused, it is still a place where you can tell your story, especially in regard to what you are doing right.

Whether your company is first in your industry for something, won an award at the chamber of commerce or partnered with another firm to help a local charity, don’t be shy about enumerating the details. Your readers want to know about your successes and civic-minded programs, so shout out what’s going right!

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