Effective Email Marketing Can Reach Your Target Audience… for Less

18397463_sIf you stack up all the various ways to market to prospects and customers, one method trumps all the others. When it comes to reaching the most people for the least cost, email marketing wins, hands down.

What about cluttered inboxes?

It’s true that everyone’s inbox is overflowing with messages so it is hard to get noticed, it’s also true that attracting the attention of anyone who is not familiar with your company via email marketing is problematic.

This makes email marketing especially challenging when approaching “cold” prospects. That being said, email marketing can deliver substantial ROI in spite of these drawbacks.

Email marketing tips that work

Email marketing continues to make sense for most businesses, provided you have a strategy and use some “best practices” to boost your response rate. After all, the goal isn’t to send out emails… it’s to send out emails that get opened, and read.

With this in mind here are six easy-to-implement tips you can follow.

Lift your response rates with these 6 methods

  1. Target your emails—the days of mass marketing are over
  2. Segment your audience—focus on groups that are apt to buy from you and speak to each group differently
  3. Personalize—your chances improve when you address your audience by name
  4. Leverage dynamic content—hit on the desires of each segment
  5. Optimize for mobile devices—penetration is over 100 percent
  6. Test, test, test—test subject lines, offers, price point and call to action until you find the sweet spot

Although the above ideas are not new, many email marketers are leaving money on the table by skipping some of these proven methods.

Be especially careful about rolling out campaigns without prior testing. Perform an A/B split by randomly dividing each segment of your audience in half and change one variable at a time until you find the best combination of subject line, offer, price point and call to action.

More tips and tactics

Utilize keywords that you have identified for website copy, press releases and articles, and incorporate these keywords into your email marketing messages.

One email will probably not yield substantial results.

Plan a series of emails that are variations on a theme. Keep the look of the emails the same to build brand awareness and vary the content by about 50 percent.

Think of your campaign like drip irrigation, and continue to whet the appetite of your audience with each effort, building on the emails already sent.

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