How Important Is Good Website Content?

13700564_sAre you wondering how much weight to put on content when marketing your business?

A recent Target Marketing survey conducted in June, 2010, indicated content is a top priority for most marketers who are selling to other businesses.

In fact, good content can serve many functions for marketing your business effectively, especially when it comes to online marketing.

For example:

  • nearly 2/3 of those surveyed believed strong content would establish their company as a thought leader in their industry
  • nearly ¾ regarded content marketing as an adjunct to traditional marketing
  • 85% of those surveyed engaged in content marketing

Of the survey participants, 95% were marketing to other businesses and 53% were solely involved in business-to-business marketing.

Good content is a surefire way to generate good leads

These marketers have discovered one of the best ways to see their businesses improve their organic search results on Google—namely, deliver good content to your target market.

But the route to rising in the Google rankings is not a short one.

It’s kind of like renting versus investing in real estate. While advertising with Google adwords may bring immediate leads at substantial expense, does the quality of those leads justify the expense?

When you rent, you have nothing at the end of your lease…

On the other hand, creating a library of valuable content that sets you up as a market leader and industry expert takes years, not days or weeks. If you are successful in developing the right kind of content that attracts your ideal client, investing in building content today will likely pay off for your business down the road and far into the future. If you do it well, qualified prospects will find you, and you can own the market.

Is good content enough?

As a marketer, you know it is not advisable to be too narrowly focused. Make good content one of multiple marketing strategies.

Good content should be combined with other marketing methods such as print and digital marketing, integrated marketing campaigns and traditional print marketing, for a “diversified portfolio”.

Getting back to investing, think of content as a great “stock” to invest in. But don’t stop there. You want to invest in a mix of assets (marketing mix) to hedge risk and deliver returns both short term and long term.

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