Five Postcard Marketing Ideas to Wake Up Your Target Market

18688025_sPostcards are the least expensive form of direct mail you can send.

That almost goes without saying.

However, even though they are a relative bargain compared to a 6” x 9” package, catalog or 9” x 12” flat, the costs still add up to a considerable sum, especially when you figure in postage (usually the most expensive aspect), printing, mailing, creative, lettershop and more.

So you will want to cover all bases to make sure you will see a payoff.

It is important to obtain all the postal discounts you possibly can, to bring this fixed cost down as far as possible. It is just as important to make sure your messaging is relevant, your offer is irresistible and your selling argument is strong.

Five postcard marketing ideas you can take to the bank

Successful postcard campaigns all have follow the same basic rules and approach.

So before your next postcard marketing campaign make sure you follow these five postcard must-haves…

Get their vote of confidence

A new realtor in my area sent out a postcard touting his home rental services. While this normally might be ho-hum, I happened to be in the market for what he offered and he did everything right in print, which attracted my attention.

One was a no-brainer.

He emphasized his proximity to my property. All realtors do that, you might be thinking. True, but in this case, he was literally in shouting distance, which was a big plus since I am often away. His proximity established an underlying level of confidence which motivated me to even consider what he had to say.

You can mention your number of years in business, add testimonials or name key clients with name recognition to build confidence.

Establish credentials

By disclosing his years of experience, education and track record, I could see he knew what he was doing.

My confidence level was buoyed still further.

You can point to your guarantee or risk free offer, for example.

Differentiate your product or service from the competition

While other realtors looking for my business were sending out postcards bragging about recents sales in my area, all of them relied on free local listings, particularly the multiple listing service. Some dealt with rental properties, too, but it was a sideline.

The new realtor SPECIALIZED in rentals and took a different approach. He actually spent money listing properties on services like vacation rentals by owner (VRBO). His premise was that this was where potential renters were looking. He promised scores of interested and well-to-do tenants.

I found myself nodding my head in agreement as I read his postcard.

Find a way to differentiate your company from competitors and broadcast it. Dominoes Pizza came up with the idea of delivering in 30 minutes or less, and became known for that in the ultra-competitive pizza business. You can do something similar.

Make an irresistible offer

Despite the fact that this new realtor was spending more to attract tenants than his competitors, he undercut the competition by accepting a lower commission! While the going rate in my area is 20 percent, this newbie was willing to take 15 percent, and he underlined this distinction

I was pre-sold.

I called to make an appointment. What can you say that will turn maybes into yeses?

Back up what you promise

When I met with this realtor in person, I felt like I was speaking to a neighbor. He inspired even more confidence and won my business.

I hired him on the spot and his follow-through has been flawless.

I have used his services going on two years now and plan to continue into the future—all from one lowly postcard!

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