How to Write Headlines That Work

14401794_sWhen you go fishing, you need the right bait to be successful.

In the same way, for your sales copy to attract your target audience you need the right headline to grab their attention.

As you know, your prospects are bombarded by an obscene number of messages each day, so your headline must work extra hard to lure them into the body copy.

Think of it this way—if your headline fails to do its job, your promotion is an utter failure. It does not matter what else you say or offer. That is why it is particularly important to spend an inordinate amount of time developing just the right headline.

Headline tips and tricks

Since headlines are so critical, marketers have studied what makes headlines more effective, so you have a better shot at hitting the mark, right out of the starting gate.

Here are 3 tips to increase the odds you will write a winning headline:

Front load your headline with keywords when writing for search engines

According to a Marketing Sherpa Benchmark Study, the first two or three words in your headline get far more attention than other words.

That is because when your target audience is searching for something, they quickly scan the listings, focusing only on the beginning of each, as a kind of shortcut.

This means that for you headline to effectively reel in prospects, the key idea must be up front rather than on the back end of your headline.

Less is more

When writing search engine listings, shorter headlines work better than longer ones.

In fact, your headline should be less than 65 characters including spaces.

Many search engines will simply omit any words beyond 65 characters, which is another reason to focus on point one. Express your main point in the first few words.

Phrase your headline as a question for web pages and landing pages

Headlines that pose the right question pull in your audience.


They want to know the answer! In fact, studies show that headlines framed as questions outdid headlines that started with the word free.

Why you should test your headlines

Savvy marketers test various headlines to find the one that pulls the most responses. Because the headline you think is a winner may not do as well as you envision in the marketplace. And one you view as so-so could blow the roof off. So testing headlines, subject lines and envelope teaser copy really pays off.

Take landing pages, for example.

Once you boil down your choices to your two best shots, do a split test.

Randomly send half your prospects to one landing page and half to the other, with all other elements being the same. Vary ONLY the headline. You will quickly find out which headline is stronger.

Make the winner your control, and continue to test other headlines against it.

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