Be a Sport! Subscription Marketing and Brochure Writing Case Studies

Case Study #1:Golf Digest Promotion

When Golf Digest needed a subscription promotion that would sell more magazines, I wrote a sales letter that spoke to the hopes and dreams of golfers. Here’s a small segment:

Dear Fellow Golfer,

Do you ever find yourself dreaming you can transform your golf game so you swing like Nick Price, putt like Loren Roberts and chip like Phil Mickelson? What about mastering the mental game of golf and staying cool under pressure like Justin Leonard? Well, you can! There’s one proven way to turn your dreams into reality and gain the confidence and skills to unlock your true potential as a golfer…GOLF DIGEST!

How can one magazine accomplish all that?

I’m glad you asked! Because GOLF DIGEST is NOT just a magazine. It’s more like having a personal coach right by your side all year long, helping you improve every aspect of your game! You’ll have Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Judy Rankin and many other pros on your “coaching staff” dispensing top shelf advice. All for less than the price of lunch at the halfway house!

Whether you’re a beginner with a 30 handicap…a weekend player…or a die-hard 7-day-a-week golfer, if you’re hungry for improvement…if you truly desire to bring your game to a higher level, GOLF DIGEST will take you wherever you want to go!

This copy – from someone who never held a golf club – generated a 70% lift over the prior control! I also created ads, point-of-purchase brochures, catalog copy and advertorials on golf, tennis and sailing.

Case Study #2: Brochure Writing

With Fraser Paper, the subject was…golf.

They wanted a unique capabilities brochure where each page pictured a golf hole from a world-famous course. The gorgeous photography and soaring copy was simply the backdrop for displaying their various documentation papers.

The brochure was entitled EXCELLENCE and included 18 golf holes from around the country. Fraser Paper requested that a copywriter who was NOT a golfer write the copy, so that it would interest golfers and non-golfers alike.

My assignment was to research each golf hole (no small task) select the ones I felt were most compelling and write magnificent, uplifting copy about each, plus an intro that would tie it all together:

A Course of Excellence

World-class performance in business as well as sports requires each of us to successfully tackle the rigors of the course, reach the pinnacle, and stay on top of the field. Fraser Paper provides that kind of leadership.

This commitment to excellence is evident in the sharp, clean impressions obtained with our opaque fine papers, and their exceptional on-press performance, and finally their comfort in the hands of the reader. Just as a golfer requires the right equipment for peak performance, publishers and printers look to Fraser Paper for the highest quality paper available in the industry…

Pebble Beach 7th hole 102 yards par 3

Jack Nicklaus called Pebble Beach, “The best thinking man’s course in the country, and maybe the world. Two novices, Jack Neville, a real estate salesman and Douglas Grant created a course that has exhilarated and terrified golfers since 1919.

Some consider the 6th to 10th holes a quasi-religious experience – golf among the precipice of the Pacific, waves crashing along rugged cliffs, an occasional seal’s bark heard on a backswing. The seventh has been likened to a mini-hole, its tiny 120-yard downhill pitch the shortest hole on any championship golf course. But when the wind kicks up, the prospect of a firm, straight iron shot into the gale intimidates many a pro.

Working through an ad agency on this project, the Client Services Manager commented:

Shira brought a fresh approach to our creative team. Her ability to ‘fit in’ was a welcome change. My experience with freelance writers was that it was hard to get them to understand what you want, or change what they wrote if it didn’t quite work. Shira had no problem acclimating to our diverse client style. She has a unique way of using poetic prose. Her words read strong and fluently.”

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