Is blog marketing part of your marketing mix?

Since everyone and their uncle write a blog, you may think you can dash off an entry in no time. But if you are blogging to promote your business, each post must be handled with the same care and attention as an ad, web page, brochure or any other promotion.

Think of a blog post as an article.

You might want to research a topic related to your business and present your findings.

If an authority gives a talk that relates to your business, or you see a pertinent news article, you can blog about that and even include quotes from the speaker or author. This can be especially useful if an outside source underlines the importance of what you do or touts your type of product or service.

For example, when I was reading an article in Target Marketing that underlined the importance of good copywriting, I blogged about the findings:

  • 65% of respondents agreed that it was important to “create value-added content to establish us as thought leaders in our market.”
  • 71% said content marketing complements and works in tandem with traditional marketing communications…

If you are a thought leader, your blog can be a forum to broadcast your opinions.

Alternately, you can use blog marketing to bring your readers tips and tactics related to your expertise, your products and services. Readers often find this type of blog very useful and eagerly await each how-to style post.

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