Catalog Marketing

These days most catalog marketers are also web marketers… yet, that paper catalog is still a key selling tool that people love to browse…or even study.

After all, it has a shelf life of weeks or even months…can be toted around in briefcase or purse…and makes for great reading on planes when electronic devices are banned.

One key aspect of your catalog is the headlines.

If the headlines are not intriguing, the reader will not delve further and the sales opportunity is lost. That’s why one of my catalog marketing clients hires me solely to write heads and lead-ins – which gives them a better shot at grabbing prospects’ attention.

Of course, the cover and back cover are prime selling space.

This is where you might showcase new merchandise or set a tone for the rest of the catalog with a relevant image. The inside front cover and back cover are also key pages that get more attention than ordinary pages. You could use this space for a short letter to customers, your credentials/value proposition/guarantee or unique items/hot sellers.

The first few catalog pages are also critically important. Another of my catalog clients, this one in the b2b space, decided to capitalize on the value of the initial pages by adding a 6-panel gatefold brochure (which extended the catalog by 2 additional pages) to the front of the catalog. The brochure made the case for why readers should choose this firm over competitors and included a money-saving offer and free eBook.

This goes to show that today catalog marketers need to think outside the page to get maximum mileage from their catalog marketing investment.

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