PromoWriting - Integrated Marketing Services and Solutions » Content Marketing Copywriting Services: SEO, Advertising, Marketing Fri, 29 Jun 2012 13:59:40 +0000 en hourly 1 What can web content marketing do for you? Fri, 29 Jun 2012 13:12:46 +0000 Shira Linden Content is one of those buzz words that have made it into everyday language – yet its meaning remains unclear.

Basically, content refers to the text (copy) on your site – all the information and tips that are useful to site visitors.

A quick look at SEO

To understand content marketing, you need a mini SEO (search engine optimization) lesson.

Google ranks sites based on several criteria but one key variable is how built-out a site is. The more pages filled with juicy content the higher the Google ranking and the greater the likelihood the site will show up in the first three pages of search results for relevant keywords.

The emphasis here is on juicy content.

Google can recognize fluff, pages filled with irrelevant junk and sites that are trying to look big but have no substance, like that old Wendy’s commercial, “”Where’s the beef? Google has wised up to all these old tricks.

So what is content marketing?

Essentially, content marketing involves building out your site with pages on topics related to your business.

For example if you are in the plant business you could write about plants that bloom in different seasons, plants that are deer resistant and ways to prevent insect damage in plants. As you can imagine, the possibilities are endless.

If your site is a blog that’s easy, just add new posts (articles) on a regular basis.

That’s part one.

Another aspect of your content marketing strategy involves placing articles on other sites that link back to your site. This will boost your Google search engine rankings as well.

Each page, whether on your site or on another site should be optimized for a keyword that’s relevant to your business for best results.

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