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Why use PromoWriting for copywriting services?

For starters, you will be working with a copywriting genius, because I was named a “Copywriting Genius” by Monthly Copywriting Genius.

This newsletter from American Writers and Artists Institute divulges top copywriters’ secrets to aspiring writers. So they can discover how to harness emotion…build trust…and create phenomenally conversational copy.

Each month a world-class copywriter reveals how they brainstorm the ideas behind their million-dollar promotions. Here’s an excerpt from the interview featuring me:

“You know you’re reading a good sales letter when you feel compelled to buy the product. That’s exactly how I felt when I read the promotion for strategy+business magazine,” wrote Sandy Franks, Editor. “You’ll understand what I mean when you read it, too. Then you’ll know why Shira Linden is this month’s copywriting genius.”

Sandy points out how well I create a conversational tone, use urgency in my copy and generate an emotional reaction – which results in buying behavior.

To see Sandy’s letter, her full interview with me and the strategy+business sample at the end, please click the link.

And if you are still not convinced, here are 10 more reasons to put me to work for you:

1. “Wow” track record – 20+ years of experience writing punchy, impassioned copy and developing highly original concepts that stand out in the marketplace. A long history of success, including many controls (top performing promotions)

2. Solid background – works with well-known clients from American Express to the American Management Association

3. Recognized author – with articles in industry publications including Catalog Age, CM, The Circulator, Folio, DM News, Target Marketing Tipline

4. Renowned Speaker – led panels, workshops and roundtables at the Folio Show, Circ Management, DM Days New York, Hearst and Reader’s Digest

5. Award-winning – won creative excellence award from Women in Direct Marketing International

6. Tunes in quickly – hits the ground running with copy that is on target in terms of style, tone and image

7. Strategic – sets your direction and positioning

8. Versatile – handles everything from acquisition direct mail to advertorials

9. Reliable – never missed a deadline, never will

10. One-stop shopping – teams up with senior creative professionals, taking ideas from concept to completion

11. Low riskoffers you a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and Free rewrites

Why 11 reasons, not 10?

Because I always deliver more than I promise!

Now that you know the full story, are you ready for your Free 20 minute consultation on your #1 marketing challenge?

You can familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of copywriting and muddle through using trial and error or you can turn to a pro.

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