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Do you advertise in newspapers, magazines or online?

How many responses are your ads pulling? Are your results less than spectacular? Do you have the feeling you could be squeezing more mileage from your advertising spend?

You have come to the right place!

As an advertising copywriter with over two decades of experience, I can analyze your current ad…suggest ways to boost response…and create a new ad to test against the one you have been running.

You might even want to try a split test. If the publication you advertise in runs A/B splits, you can run your current ad AND a new ad against each other, with half the readership seeing each ad. That way, you will have a true test of which ad pulls more responses.

Of course, you need to code the ads and track respondents to accurately determine which ad wins. If you can not do a split test, you can test a new ad the following week or month. It is not as precise as a split test, but it can still be revealing.

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