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Ready for digital marketing services?

You may be tempted to abandon your tried-and-true print promotions in favor of digital marketing.

This could be a mistake.

Today, there is less competition at the mailbox, so you may get more mileage from your print campaigns than in the past. It is certainly worth testing. You could try mailing a previously top-performing package, or if it is dated test a new package.

Another option is to blend print and digital:

  • Alternate postcards with email promotions
  • Send prospects from a space ad to a landing page
  • Direct recipients of postcards, direct mail packages and dimensional mailers to a Personal URL (Purl)

This is just the short list of ways you can combine digital marketing services with more traditional kinds of marketing into an integrated marketing campaign.

Why go this way?

You will enjoy better results when you use multiple media channels, because more channels = better results.

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