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Want to boost your site in the rankings?

Everyone wants their site to be on Page One for their important keywords.

While a lot of behind-the-scenes tweaks can improve your ranking, a key factor in how you rank with the search engines centers around the copy (or words) on your site. Specifically, the number of pages on your site, how often you update your content and whether you add pages are critical factors along with your keyword selection.

My SEO copywriting services can help move you up in the search engines 6 ways:

1. Incorporate your keywords smoothly into your copy so your pages make sense to visitors and get picked up by search engines

2. Build out your site with new pages that include more keywords and round out the picture of what you offer

3. Add articles to your site which incorporate your keywords so you always have fresh content (key for search engines)

4. Create an ezine which incorporates your keywords that can be sent to site visitors who sign up AND posted on your site (more fresh content)

5. Write press releases containing your keywords which get out the news and also serve as fresh content

6. Create a tagline for your company which incorporates your keywords that you can post on every page of your site

7. Write keyword-rich blog posts which can be linked to your site

Plus, I can write copy for banners and online ads to drive traffic to your site. As you can see, boosting your site in the rankings has a lot to do with the quality and quantity of the copy on your site.

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