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Looking to increase the stickiness of your website?

With the web playing an ever more prominent role in business today, you want to make sure your website not only attracts visitors but is sticky enough to get them to stay awhile. Once visitors are on your site long enough to find out about your products and services you can continue to move them along in the sales process and motivate them to take an action.

Q.  So how do you get your site to be stickier?

A.  Hire a web content writer!

I can write or revise your site copy to make sure it is clear, benefit-oriented and incents visitors to act in ways you desire, such as call or click…sign up for an ezine…or make an inquiry or purchase.

In addition, I can create ezines and articles for your site that address the concerns of your clients and customers, build your credibility, position you as an expert and keep site visitors coming back for more.

Remember, you need to continually add content to your site to improve your search engine rankings, prevent your site from getting stale and give site visitors a reason to return. The best way to accomplish that is with the help of an experienced web content writer.

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