Does your company need a business brochure?

There is no one answer to that question ― it depends on what type of business you are in.

Service businesses or businesses selling complex products (such as software) can often benefit from having a business brochure. But do not expect the brochure to do the selling for you.

There is an old saying: Letters sell ― brochures tell.

That means the purpose of a business brochure is to provide information to move your prospect further along the sales cycle. In fact, the brochure copy should be written from the perspective of getting inside your prospect’s head, anticipating and answering questions and resolving concerns that could be impediments to the sale.

The brochure should NOT be a recitation we do this, we do that, which so many brochures are.

Here is another thought ― you do not necessarily need to print your brochure. You can make your brochure a keyword-rich, downloadable file on your website, which can help boost your search engine rankings AND add interesting content to your site so visitors stay longer.

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