Are you running business email marketing campaigns?

Some companies send out thousands of email marketing messages since email marketing is relatively inexpensive when compared to other media.

Yet many firms are noticing a drop-off in response, pointing to overstuffed mailboxes and indifferent recipients.

Are your email marketing messages getting the response you would like?

Are you hitting industry benchmarks?

Here are a few questions to consider:

  • Does your email promotion contain compelling copy and visuals?
  • Are you varying the copy and visuals each time you mail?
  • Does every email promotion contain an enticing offer and deadline?
  • Are you varying that offer each week or month?
  • Is there a particular action you want your recipients to take (such as buy now, click here)?
  • Is it crystal clear what you want your recipients to do?
  • Are you testing different subject lines to see which pulls the best?

Plus some procedural points:

  • Can your recipients view your email formatted for a mobile device?
  • Do you have a share with a friend option to increase pass-alongs?
  • Do you include your Facebook and Twitter icons?

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