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Looking for an email copywriter?

While sending out email promotions may seem fairly simple on the surface, there is actually quite a bit involved. A savvy copywriter can bring a lot to the table.

You have seconds to catch the reader’s attention, so put a great deal of thought into the subject line, which should be short and snappy. Much like an envelope, the purpose of the subject line is to motivate the recipient to open your email.

Since emails are so easy to delete or ignore, the wording of your subject line can make or break your email campaign. I can suggest several subject lines to try out on your audience and you can quickly determine which one pulls the best.

The real estate at the top of the email is the next most critical component after the subject line. Many of your readers only view the top two inches or so of your email. They never fully open the email unless something in that top section piques their curiosity and gets them wanting more. So fire your biggest guns first.

A few points to remember:

► Make an irresistible, limited-time offer

► Be crystal clear about the action you want your readers to take (for example, Buy Now or Signup Today)

► Keep it short and simple―don’t try to do too much

► Use compelling copy and visuals

► Make it easy to say “Yes”

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