Why put together a media kit or press kit?

Media kits are used to sell advertising space in magazines, while press kits typically promote special events or announce a new product, for example, at a trade show.

The objective of a press kit is to attract media attention to get coverage in targeted publications.

While both kits previously contained printed documents in folders, downloadable files are often used today.

Media kits aimed at selling advertising space often contain:

  • an issue of the magazine
  • editorial calendar
  • rate card

Potential advertisers want to know all the facts, so describe your audience and your magazine’s competitive advantage.

Weave details about your publication into a compelling sales argument. Demonstrate what makes your publication unique in the marketplace. Address potential concerns of advertisers and include advertiser and reader testimonials. Visuals should tell your story at a glance.

Press kits often contain:

  • press release
  • backgrounder
  • Bio of key individuals
  • Sell sheets that underline the uniqueness of your product or event

Publications are stretched thinner than ever, so give reporters ready-to-go materials that could easily fill a hole at deadline. The easier you make it for an overtaxed reporter, the better your chances of getting “ink.”

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