Why Newsletter Marketing?

Looking for a proven marketing tool that will enable you to stay top-of-mind with prospects and customers?

Consider newsletters.

Newsletters should supply unique content your readers can not find elsewhere. Readers love tips and shortcuts, for example. Newsletters should be more informational than promotional, although you can sprinkle in special offers.

Today, most newsletters are electronic (also called ezines) but some companies still rely on print newsletters.

Advantages of electronic newsletters:

  • Less costly
  • Time-saving
  •  Monitor results with reports (if you use an email newsletter service)

Advantages of print newsletters:

  • Stand out in the mailbox
  • Can not be accidentally deleted or easily overlooked
  • Can be read any time, any place

Whether you decide to go print or electronic, creating a newsletter can be time-consuming, especially if research and/or interviewing is involved. After all, you want high caliber articles that position your company as the experts.

The key to keeping readers opening and spending time with your newsletter is:

  • Compelling content on their hot-button issues
  • Engaging, readable style
  • Articles with subheads, pictures and callouts (versus a sea of words)
  • Unique contests, promotions and offers

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