Will your radio spot WOW listeners and generate results?

You plan to fork over big bucks to advertise your business on the radio. Or you’ve already anted up the price of admission and you don’t have the customers to show for it.

Either way, you need a killer radio script to reel in the right customers.

Here are 3 key tips that could change your world…

Three radio commercial script essentials

First, be careful about using a writer at the station to create your radio spot.

Even though the station is often very experienced at writing radio spots and may offer to do this for you for free, resist the urge to accept this offer.


Because if the same writer is authoring all the radio commercial scripts, chances are they will all sound similar. This makes it too easy for listeners to tune out. So, use a writer outside the station and your business will stand out from all the other companies that advertise on that station.

Second, repeat your business name, phone number and web address multiple times even though you may think this will make your spot tedious and boring. It won’t necessarily – not if you hire the right copywriter who will seamlessly weave in these facts.

Listeners need this key information recapped several times in order to recall it.

Third, rotate three or four radio commercial scripts that are variations on a theme, often called a campaign. Each one will reinforce your message from a different vantage point – and make your sales pitch more memorable.

What does an effective radio commercial include?

  • dialogue
  • stories
  • anecdotes
  • spokesperson
  • sound effects
  • jingles and more

Your copywriter will include one or more of these aspects, depending on your company personality and target audience.

Is your radio spot cost effective as well?

A radio advertising campaign makes economic sense for your business if you live in a market where you can reach all the people you want to reach and not too many of the people you don’t.

If you are a land-based business look at the spill ― marketing dollars you would spend on reaching listeners who are outside your geographic area.

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