Looking for Integrated Marketing Solutions That Fill Your Sales?

10382469_sFavorable winds have brought you to the right harbor…

  • Want to sell products or services?
  • Drive traffic?
  • Motivate donors to give?

You need to develop solutions that make a splash… wake up your target audience… and spur them to action.

Unique solutions that drive response AND maximize your ROI

Like our integrated, interactive and involving creative solutions that are unavailable from any other source:

  • wholly original creative concepts that become winning campaigns
  • proprietary e-products that tie together direct mail and e-mail – now you can email customers look in your mailbox today!
  • interactive, highly personalized 3-dimensional postcards with a secret pocket that surprise and delight your prospects.

That’s just for starters.

Research shows integrated marketing campaigns = more response. When you combine print, email and web landing pages over print only campaigns, you can lift response up to 35%.*

Companies from Guideposts to Golf Digest, American Express to the American Management Association rely on me for integrated marketing campaigns that cross media channels and boost direct mail response rates.

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Either way the choice is yours.

*Source: Multi-Channel Communications & Benchmarking, InfoTrends, 2008