Marketing audits are a roadmap for better results

627224_sIf your marketing campaigns are not delivering, you’re not alone.

According to marketing guru Robert Middleton, 98% of materials used to stimulate sales fail to do so!

So, consider taking a step back… pinpointing your most pressing marketing communications challenges… and discovering solutions that squeeze the most out of every marketing dollar.

Get a snapshot of your marketing strengths and weaknesses

Ask us to perform a matketing audit and you’ll get a roadmap to results.

A Marketing Audit includes:

  • In-depth interviews with key employees and customers
  • Assessment of your main competitor’s vulnerability and messaging
  • Review of your marketing initiatives that have succeeded and failed in the past
  • Evaluation of your marketing materials as to message, medium and frequency

Your Takeaway = Critical Marketing Intelligence + Strategic Recommendations + a Marketing Plan that delivers effective solutions, so you can:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Redefine your marketing message and value proposition
  • Find your best prospects
  • Fine tune your target marketing
  • Tap into new markets/niche markets/key verticals
  • Generate leads more effectively
  • Discover your competitor’s Achilles’ heel
  • Re-bundle your offering
  • Align your marketing channels (print, web, broadcast)
  • Partner with other marketers to boost results

With a Marketing Audit in hand you can ascertain the accuracy of your marketing assumptions…base campaigns on facts rather than guesswork…and leverage future marketing dollars for maximum ROI.

Take the guesswork out of your next marketing campaign

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