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You have a unique challenge ― and you are looking for answers. You would like to find a creative resource that will generate results for your business.

So browse through my marketing portfolio of creative solutions that deliver measurable results for clients. You can take a look at samples including many controls – direct mail packages which outperformed ALL others and delivered off-the- charts response, such as:

  • a #10 package that lifted response 31% and beat out 14 other packages tested
  • a #11 package that boosted response 29% while at the same time increasing pay up 20%
  • an email marketing message that pulled 4X the responses in a split test

Every assignment is approached with direct marketing fundamentals at the forefront – motivating your prospects to take action – call, click or email. Enter a contest. Sign up for an ezine. Use a QR code.

Want to experience measurable results on your next integrated marketing campaign? Or do you simply need a

► headline, tagline or product name
► ezine, email promotion or electronic press release
► web site, microsite or landing page
► ad, brochure or catalog
► sell sheet, radio spot or trade show package

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