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Guideposts – Angels Chicago Magazine Strategy + Business: Self-Mailer
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Strategy + Business: Package

When you are facing a marketing challenge, you want a campaign that will deliver great results and great ROI. We believe direct mail marketing fundamentals should underlie every assignment because you will get measurable results. Plus, you can use the knowledge gained to get even better response going forward.

Our unique brand of creative direct mail marketing involves presenting several out-of-the-box ideas, each concept fleshed out enough so you can envision the complete campaign. Most clients like more than one concept and ask us to bring two or three to completion. Wouldn’t you like to face the tough decision of choosing between multiple innovative and exciting creative ideas?

Doesn’t that seem to you like the right way to go?

Take a look ay my portfolio of direct mail samples which includes many controls (promotions that generated the best response) in a variety of industries such as:

  • wine
  • coins and collectibles
  • publishing
  • inspirational
  • insurance
  • animal products
  • fundraising

Did you know that my creative consulting expertise was recognized when I was named a “Copywriting Genius” by Monthly Copywriting Genius, a newsletter that helps copywriting cubs learn from the masters?

We bring two decades of experience from other campaigns to yours so you can get the best shot at hitting a home run.

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