Press Release Marketing

  • Got a new product or service?
  • New employee?
  • Win a new piece of business or new client?
  • Honored with an award or accolade?
  • Sponsoring a charitable event?
  • Partnering with another business?

This is just a short list of possible topics for a press release.

The press release should be written like an inverted pyramid with key facts in the opening lines and less important information at the end. The media outlet may print your press release as-is, but very often they will shorten or rewrite it, so keep critical information in the first paragraphs.

You may have heard about answering the questions who, what, where, why and how. These are the five W’s journalists keep in mind when writing articles, and they are equally relevant for press release marketing.

Press releases follow a particular format which editors require.

The top of the press release should include For Immediate Release if the release can be printed right away, or For Release on (date) if the editor can only print the release after a particular date. The release should also include a headline and a contact person’s name, phone and email address. The first line of the release typically starts with the city, state and date.

Editors have preferences as to whether they like releases to arrive via email, Fax or mail. Today, many people use press release services to broadcast press releases to various media outlets. Basic services may be available for free or at low cost to a narrow audience. More robust services that include links to websites, quotes, images and other features plus a wider array of targeted media outlets are more costly.

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