Scoring with Students

Case Study #1: Dimensional Mailer for St. Joseph’s College

The moment admissions officers at St. Joseph’s College saw our unique, dimensional mailer, CargoCard, they decided it would be perfect for enticing admitted students to say “Yes!” to St. Joseph’s College.

CargoCard is a lightweight, cost-effective, 3-dimensional mailer with a hidden pocket, available as a postcard, bi-fold and tri-fold. You can use the secret pocket to stow promotional items, but we featured a pinball basketball game behind a clear, see-through window instead.

The game appealed to prospective students, gave the mailer an interactive element and highlighted the school’s new basketball stadium.

The tri-fold CargoCard offered enough real estate to:

  • list the skills students would obtain in their intended major
  • indicate companies where graduates are currently working
  • profile successful graduates
  • disclose the school’s unique advantages
  • encourage attendance at an Admitted Student Seminar

Here’s an excerpt from the liberal studies version. We created six versions in all, each geared to a different major:

St. Joseph’s College: An education for life

If your interests center around English or history…philosophy or religious studies…speech or Spanish…a Liberal Studies degree from St. Joseph’s College prepares you for whatever challenges life dishes out.

Whether you aspire to enter the workforce right after college or continue your education through graduate studies, you’ll leave St. Joseph’s armed with the preparation and know-how to reach your goals.

As a St. Joseph’s College graduate, you’ll acquire the skills employers say they value most. Skills like communication. Teamwork. Initiative. And critical thinking. You’ll emerge a skilled researcher, problem-solver and analytical thinker who continues to grow once you find your place in the dynamic, ever-changing, increasingly global marketplace.

Because our mission is to give all students at St. Joseph’s a clearer view of the broader world and your place in it, you’ll get help in defining your strengths…and opportunities to flex your intellectual muscles…so you can enter the world with the confidence, flexibility and open-mindedness to find your way. Develop work-arounds when you hit a wall. And ultimately enjoy the success you envision.

The Basketball game and gym panels invited students, “Make your future a slam dunk at St. Joseph’s College” and “turn your aspirations to accomplishments at SJC.”

Personalized to each accepted student

The promotion was highly personalized and included the advantages of the student’s intended major. A call to action motivated students to visit their personal page (PURL) to get a free $15 iTunes Gift Card and enter a contest.

At their PURL, a welcome message greeted each student by name. The student was welcomed to a talented group of accepted students in their program.

Students entered to win an iPad and rsvp’d to attending the Admitted Student Seminar.

Case Study #2: Sacred Heart Health Science Brochures

Sacred Heart University hired us to develop two brochures to attract more students to the Pre-Professional and Leadership Tracks of their new Bachelor of Science in Health Science program.

Each brochure featured a student’s story and photograph, because research from the Pew Research center indicated incoming students want to hear from students enrolled in a program they are considering. Prospective students obtain a fuller picture of who is a good candidate and what is entailed from these profiles:

Picture yourself in the Pre-Professional Track

Lindsay Holinko ‘13

“I went to a majors fair as a freshman. As soon as I heard about the Health Science program I switched my major because Health Science was a much better fit. I like the administrative side as much as clinical.”

Lindsay was one of the first students to sign up for the Health Science program and reports she knew from the first week she liked her classes and was captivated by the topics presented. She feels her minor in Spanish will help her better communicate with patients and become a better health care provider.

Her class on legal and ethical issues in healthcare opened her eyes to issues in the health care system. Diversity and Disparities in Health Care got her fired up by pointing out inequities. Health Care Administration and Practice gave Lindsay the tools to start her own practice one day.

Biggest surprise: “How prepared the professors were – you’d never know it was a new program.”

Down the road: Lindsay hopes to get her masters in OT, work with an elderly population and open her own practice in conjunction with a physical therapist or speech pathologist.

The profiles were used as lead-ins to copy addressing students’ dreams and discussing the positive outlook for healthcare practitioners.

The brochures also included unique aspects of the program, its flexibility and the components of each track, along with a section on health science as a minor.

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