Did You Know… Consumers Prefer Direct Mail Marketing?

It’s true! According to an Epsilon 2011 Channel Targeting Study, consumers prefer receiving marketing messages from brands via direct mail. The research shows that even though direct mail has the reputation for being costly and perhaps a bit stodgy, it is the preferred channel in just about every category — from health to household products […]

How to Write Headlines That Work

When you go fishing, you need the right bait to be successful. In the same way, for your sales copy to attract your target audience you need the right headline to grab their attention. As you know, your prospects are bombarded by an obscene number of messages each day, so your headline must work extra […]

Five Postcard Marketing Ideas to Wake Up Your Target Market

Postcards are the least expensive form of direct mail you can send. That almost goes without saying. However, even though they are a relative bargain compared to a 6” x 9” package, catalog or 9” x 12” flat, the costs still add up to a considerable sum, especially when you figure in postage (usually the […]

Effective Email Marketing Can Reach Your Target Audience… for Less

If you stack up all the various ways to market to prospects and customers, one method trumps all the others. When it comes to reaching the most people for the least cost, email marketing wins, hands down. What about cluttered inboxes? It’s true that everyone’s inbox is overflowing with messages so it is hard to […]

Are You Starting a Business Blog?

Here’s how to break away from the pack… Are you finally getting ready to start company blog? Worried that your content may be buried in cyberspace… never to be seen by your prospects and customers? Take heart! While the blogosphere is brimming with communiques on every subject, there are ways you can make yours stand […]