How Important Is Good Website Content?

Are you wondering how much weight to put on content when marketing your business? A recent Target Marketing survey conducted in June, 2010, indicated content is a top priority for most marketers who are selling to other businesses. In fact, good content can serve many functions for marketing your business effectively, especially when it comes […]

How to Get On Your Customer’s Wavelength

Do you know what your customers are thinking? Do you know their pain points—what keeps them up at night? How about their likes and dislikes? Once you know the key issues that matter most to your customers concerning your product or service, and you can DELIVER on their must-haves. That gives you the opportunity to: […]

Successful Fundraising for Nonprofits Requires Compelling Copy

Let’s face it—there are hordes of charities out there competing for dollars. Some charities step in when disaster strikes, attracting a lot of media attention and capturing the public’s hearts and minds, sending donations soaring. What if your charity is not involved in life or death situations? You must work harder at establishing compelling reasons […]

Advertorials Are Making A Comeback

I was listening to Joe Connolly on WCBS radio, sipping my morning Joe one recent morning, when I heard him mention advertorials are growing—fast. For those of you who are unclear exactly what an advertorial is, my personal definition is: advertorials are long-form ads masquerading as articles. Sometimes advertorials are known as sponsorship ads or […]

Some Food Taglines That Are My Personal Favorites

Ad agencies often look to experienced outside copywriters to come up with fresh ideas at the 11th hour for headlines and taglines to complete a promotion for a major consumer brand. In my experience, the category where assistance is needed most often is overwhelmingly food and beverages. I’ve worked with several agencies and helped each […]