Touch On Emotions When Marketing Pet Products

Have you tuned into any conversations at restaurants, coffee shops or other gathering places? I’ve noticed that people LOVE talking about their pets. This could be because they are seen as family members, are lovable, huggable and often engage in amusing antics everyone can relate to. Quite obviously, pet owners have a soft spot when […]

Direct mail 101: How to market your product

When you are thinking about marketing your product, of course you’ll want to consider what channels to use to get your product out there. While some marketers automatically rule out direct mail because it is expensive, you may be surprised at how cost effective direct mail can be for the right products. So, do the […]

Looking for a deeper way to connect with your customers and prospects?

Think custom publications… Create an upscale magazine to support your brand while driving interest and sales Custom publications are unique because YOU control all the content. You are not subject to a magazine’s editorial guidelines, won’t see your competitor’s ad when you flip the page and can produce custom publications according to your standards, your […]

Jingle Writing – Part Copywriting, Part Lyrics

Ever have trouble getting a jingle out of your head? We all have. Jingles are a great way to get into the minds of prospects and take up permanent residence there. Some of us can recall jingles we heard as kids for products that have not advertised for years. For example, in the 1950s, Good […]

13 Brand Marketing Tips to Boost your Brand

Think of your brand as a living thing which needs regular care and feeding. This means you must always keep promoting your brand, so you stay top of mind with customers and prospects. Here are 13 tactics to help you increase your visibility – so that when a customer or prospect needs what you are […]